Written by Sam

Sheffield gets a vegan card

Grab vegan deals across the city.

VIDEO – the lowdown on vegan tattoos

Got questions about vegan tattoos? Watch this video with Andy Wharton and have them all answered.

Vegan Besto Pesto

It just goes with everything. Get a jar in your life.

Vegan mafe

Big tomato and peanut vibes going off in this West African stew.

40 vegan climbing shoes

Which climbing shoes are vegan? Here’s our definitive list.

Living vegan on the road

A converted ambulance called Bertie, and the ins and outs of van life.

“I knew I needed something to save me”

An interview with the people behind ‘Make The Connection’ film.

Field of dreams

The Fields Beneath wants to spread the vegan coffee shop love. Can you help?

Leeds 100% vegan cafe needs your help

Get The Jungle Kitchen to its Kickstarter goal.