Gavin Fernback, owner of The Fields Beneath.

Field of dreams

The Fields Beneath wants to spread the vegan coffee shop love. Can you help?

TLDR: Please support The Fields Beneath Kickstarter here.

You’ve probably heard of The Fields Beneath, the coffee shop in North London that famously ditched dairy and went vegan on Mother’s Day 2017.

6 months before that, they decided to get rid of all the animal products on their menu – no easy task for a coffee shop that made all their own cakes and food, 80% of which contained some animal products.

Obviously it turned out to be an awesome move, and now The Fields Beneath is going from strength to strength. And they have big plans – which is where you come in.

Graduating to big school

At the moment, the team make all their food for the week in 3 days by hiring out the kitchen of their local primary school. This has been working well for the single shop, but The Fields Beneath want to open a 2nd site – and this one will have a kitchen.

“I don’t want to over promise,” says Gavin Fernback, owner of The Fields Beneath, “but having our own kitchen would mean we could do so much more. At the moment we’re running out of food, which is a nice problem to have but we can’t do any outside catering.”

“We do work with Streets Kitchen who are all about getting people to chip in and help fix the problem of homelessness. They do 12 food events a week and they’re going for a world record over Christmas. Having a kitchen would allow us to do a lot more with them too.”

At the moment they have half the money and half the equipment to make this happen. So they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes that the vegan community will rally together to help them reach their target.

The project has got off to a great start, and with another 3 weeks to go we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that it’ll get there.

Let’s talk rewards

The Fields Beneath are giving away some of the coolest rewards we’ve ever seen. Awesome tees designed by super talented artists and illustrators, bottles of Chef Andy’s famous rarebit sauce, art prints, baking and cooking lessons, a year’s supply of coffee and much more. Seriously, get involved and check it out.

Why not follow The Fields Beneath on Instagram and Facebook? WARNING: following may make you hungry.

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