Hatch goes vegan.

London printers go vegan

Hatch get the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan trademark.

Cracking news

I’d never heard of Hatch before today, but that changed when the London printers announced they’ve been working with the Vegetarian Society and their suppliers to trace all all their products and processes back to the lab to make sure everything’s 100% vegan. And that’s not just the papers and inks they use – it’s the packaging and adhesives too.

Hatch’s Founder, Gary Toomey, said on the brand’s website, “There are so many brands out there who are using products which contain animal products, which to me is crazy! Surely if one company can produce something without having to use animal products, why can’t everyone else? We could chop trees down from unsustainable forests and harm innocent animals or choose to live sustainably without depending on the lives of other beings. To us, the answer is simple.”

So there you go. There’s now a vegan printer out there for all your printing needs.

We’ve already ordered a super short run of a limited edition zine – Food as activism – which we’ll be selling at our Kick-Ass Women event on Saturday 11th March. Find out about all the speakers, food vendors and stalls here.

And don’t forget to check out Hatch.

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